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Tool Of The Week: Veryfi Review
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Bitrix24 Team
March 12, 2018
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Tool Of The Week: Veryfi Review

We are always on the lookout for great tools that can help your business or organization. Today we’ll be talking about Veryfi - a bookkeeping tool that keeps track of your expenses, income, mileage, and more.

With Veryfi, you can avoid paper logging and throw away your receipts with no worries.

The Veryfi money app lets you easily save the data from all of your receipts (including email receipts). The app identifies your receipt, crops it, corrects image distortions and extracts the data in under 3 seconds, right before your eyes. You can also connect your bank and credit cards, and watch your receipts get reconciled in real-time.

The Veryfi Logbook app can be used to track your vehicle mileage. The app runs in the background, automatically tracking your miles and creating a record of your drives. When you finish your trip, simply swipe right for “a business drive” or swipe left for an “other drive”. Soon the app will learn your driving habits and categorize your trips automatically. You can also add other relevant information, such as calendar events and drive purposes. However, this app is currently only available on iOS.

The Veryfi Cards app helps you digitize all of your loyalty, rewards, points, advantage, and club cards, thinning out your wallet and ensuring you always have them whenever you need them. This app also lets you share your cards with friends and family instantly, giving them discounts while you accrue points.

Those three apps work together to make bookkeeping easy, and you can manage everything from your computer, through the hub. Log in to access your receipts, income, expenses, and mileage data and determine how your business is doing financially. And all of your data is encrypted and safe in the Veryfi Cloud Vault.

As for who uses it, Veryfi is suitable for any industry, whether you’re self-employed, running a startup, or part of an established business.

This app has a lot of great features but here are 3 benefits that make it essential for your business:

Maximize your tax deductions

By categorizing and saving your receipts, logging your vehicle mileage, and generating reports, Veryfi will help you save money on your taxes.


Veryfi has automated the process of balancing your books. No longer will you need to match each transaction against your bank statement at the end of every month, because Veryfi can do this for you daily, making it easy to detect errors and fraud.

Seamless Integration

Not only does Veryfi run on all your devices, including the apple watch, but it can also integrate seamlessly with many of your cloud storage, accounts software, and productivity apps.

Veryfi has several pricing options. The starter plan is free, with ads and limited features. The prime plan is 15 dollars per month per user, or you can pay for just the logbook for 3 dollars per month per user.

So, if you could use a bookkeeper in your pocket, check out Veryfi. And remember, if you're looking for free CRM, project management or collaboration tools, be sure to try
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