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Coronavirus crisis: we are here to help

Coronavirus crisis: we are here to help
Bitrix24 Team
September 15, 2020
Last updated: September 18, 2020
It is important to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the end of the first wave, there is a threat of the second – so we recommend you follow regulations and, if possible, stay at home. However, every company obviously needs to keep real, measurable work actions in place to survive and prosper. This is impossible without being there in person... or with no specific tools for remote work.
Our contribution
All companies have different situations, especially after months of uncertainty and crisis. That’s why Bitrix24 decided to remove the restriction on the number of users in our free plan. Previously, only 12 users could work on a single free account. But we wanted to give businesses a helping hand, so our free plan now allows for an unlimited number of users. We are going to support this update until the situation improves. Companies of all sizes can switch to remote work with us. 
What we have to offer
Bitrix24 provides a quick transition to remote work as there is a workspace where all your team members can collaborate on projects, set tasks, discuss ideas, save and exchange files. With Bitrix24 you get the freedom to work from any location of your choosing, allowing you to achieve effective performance inside in and out of the company office. The core of the software is a CRM system that allows you to integrate various communication channels and build a system of effective interactions (both internal and external), as well as and transparent analysis tools around it.

Three main issues to solve
1. Efficiency and performance monitoring
Managers are hesitant of letting their employees work remotely, because they are unable to monitor how the work is done (and is it even done?). There is no need to worry that work will be left neglected: you cannot control everyone from home, but it is possible to keep track of their results.
Bitrix24 is equipped with many essential tools for efficiency management. Managers can give tasks and select responsible persons, set sequences of tasks, recur them, add checklists. If you need to keep track of attendance and clock-ins, you’ll find it is all there, together with reporting and other HR tools. All key Bitrix24 tools are open for use available in the free account plan. Set tasks and assign responsibilities with ease.
2. Communications and personal involvement
Nothing can replace personal communications, we agree. But! You can manage to get there as close as possible with video conferencing, chats and calls. Bitrix24 has it all. Also, the collaboration part of the software includes space that integrates emojis and kudos in users’ interactions. People are actually able to communicate more effectively as emotional inclusion improves understanding of a context that bland letters lack. The Activity Stream is like any social network feed, but for work – intuitively understandable and engaging. Keep in touch and collaborate with colleagues via email, chats, video and voice calls. 
The results of your meetings won’t disappear if you convert them into scheduled events, tasks and group projects. No more mess from dozens of websites and apps or trouble finding the right one. Bitrix24 has one platform with a convenient structure that can be accessed from desktop or mobile apps. In fact, there is even no need for downloading something anything – just register your account and send a link to your employees via email. They will join instantly.

3. Building relationships with clients from far away
After a lockdown of traditional channels and direct client interactions, companies faced the challenge of adjusting to new strategies. This is hard even for experienced companies. So what can be said about smaller businesses or entrepreneurs with limited resources? Bitrix24 has a wide range of features ready to integrate and use.
Bitrix24’s Contact Center gives you the ability to connect communication channels directly to the CRM. Any messages, calls, registered forms or inquiries become leads. They can be converted into contacts, companies or deals. Free accounts have unlimited data size, that you can import/export from the account. Our CRM provides full support at all stages of the adjustable sales process. Use any chance to get the customer, run compounded marketing campaigns across communicational channels and take informed decisions with analytics features. 
As physical stores have now closed, the internet has become the main selling space. If you don’t have your website yet, you can always create one with our website builder. There are no coding skills needed. Templates are adjustable and customisable to your industry and personal taste. In addition, there is a beta version of an online shop where you can actually sell your things online. It also will be integrated into the CRM. With a history of client interactions, the company can build long-term relationships with each customer.
More details about software features can be found here, but let's say without modesty, Bitrix24 is a platform that contains everything in one and has no equals. It will not take you and your staff long to learn how to use it. You will have no problem connecting all the dots. Bitrix24 has already done it for you.
Remoted work is possible with Bitrix24
No matter how the situation of COVID-19 develops, with our platform, any company can count on the backup and support of more than 35 tools tied together. Bitrix24 isn’t just an instrument, it is an all-in-one solution that provides plenty of opportunities. Try Bitrix24 already today and register an account for free here.

Free. Unlimited. Online.
Bitrix24 is a place where everyone can communicate, collaborate on tasks and projects, manage clients and do much more.
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