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Bitrix24 with the UK now!

Bitrix24 with the UK now!
Bitrix24 Team
September 15, 2020
Last updated: January 19, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Bitrix24 is now on the UK market! New website and payments in GBP currency are now available for UK users. From now on, it will be more convenient to get in touch with us!

Several facts about the company

Founded: in 1998
Headquarters: Alexandria, VA, USA
Legal status: Privately-owned

Flagship product: Bitrix24
Global partner network: 14,000+
Staff: 400+

The company already operates in 18 languages and contains 16 data centres around the world, mainly in the USA and Europe.

About Bitrix24

Bitrix24 was launched in 2008 as Bitrix Intranet. This collaboration suite consisting of more than 35 tools was rebranded as Bitrix24 after a cloud-based version was added in April 2012. It is currently one of the largest collaboration platforms which have been chosen in cloud or on-premise by many companies around the world.

The beauty of the Bitrix24 solution is in the unity of several key tools, infused together in a single online service. It is possible to access it from the standard browser version, desktop or mobile app. And, unlike many of our competitors, Bitrix24 does not limit its customers in the number of users per account. Especially now, in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read about it here. Feel free to grow when you need to.

So, what are these tools?

In general, the product has five main sections. Each one is already valuable by itself, but together they give a company the balance and strength to handle anything.

1. Communications

One of the sections for internal use, where employees can collaborate like a regular social network. Activity Stream gives you the opportunity to follow the relevant news of the company. People can communicate effectively via emails, video conferences and messages in internal groups and chats. Elements, such as kudos and emojis, add emotions to impersonal online communication and help to solve issues quicker.

HR functions allow you to handle employee time management. It is a quicker and more structured way to manage the time of vacations, sick leaves, and so on. It is difficult to underestimate the number of Bitrix24 capabilities.

2. Tasks and Projects

The second section is for internal use. Managers are able to set tasks and task dependencies, use checklists to account for all of the task specifics. It is possible to set up recurring tasks or utilise temples to save time. Responsible people, supervisors and observers could be assigned to a task. Administrators have full control over access rights in the system and are able to change them.

Employees can easily keep track of their agenda and deadlines with Gantt charts and Kanban. Completed tasks can be attached to reports to visually illustrate performance efficiency. It is even possible to connect and collaborate with users outside the company just like with the regular ones—set them tasks, meet in groups.

3. CRM

And finally, the CRM, a tool that facilitates working with clients at all stages of a deal. Any incoming messages from integrated channels automatically become leads and could be converted to existing contact or company cards, or become new ones. Data size is unlimited. Unsuccessful items can be blacklisted or deleted (and don’t be afraid, in case of emergency, they are safe in the recycle bin).

With Bitrix24 it is possible to alter stages, from customer acquisition to retention and iterated deals, that will serve best for your company’s unique way. Increase employee efficiency with the inclusion of automation and/or setting rules and triggers. Client payments could be easier with customized quotes and invoices, as well as online payment systems integrated with the CRM system.

4. Contact Center

It is possible to integrate a wide variety of communication channels into the CRM system from email and telephony to Social Network messengers and website widgets. Messages will be stored in the history of communications for each client, just to make sure what precisely you have told them.

Also, it is possible to run communication marketing campaigns and mailings, targeted at specific groups of clients from the Contact Center. Sales Intelligence will help to accurately calculate and determine the ROI for each channel.

5. Websites

Bitrix24 allows you to create your own sites without coding skills and provides free hosting. All site blocks are fully customizable and responsive to any device. Users can create landing pages and online stores on their own domains, and they will be instantly integrated with the CRM system and other software tools.

bitrix24UK .png

Service is available in the cloud and on-premise (with access to the source code). There are six different cloud subscription plans and three basic on-premise versions with the ability to adjust to the number of users and upgrades.

You can buy a Cloud subscription on the website. The on-premise version is available from the manufacturer or from partners. Bitrix24 cooperates with 14,000+ partners around the world. Feel free to find your nearest distributor here.

Your information is safe with us

As there are 16 data centres, our customers are able to choose which one will store their data by selecting a domain zone of the account.

.com, .eu, .de, .fr, .pl, .es, .br, .cn, .tr, .in, .jp, .id, .it

Bitrix24 uses the # 1 Cloud Datacentre provider, Amazon Web Services. All datacentres are equipped with certified and 24/7 monitored systems to be certain that all information is protected and reliable under Bitrix24 service.

For complete safety and quick response, every region operates two independent data centres. Each one is monitored by partially and fully automatic systems to rule out any malfunctions and critical cases. Any deviations trigger a chain reaction, and our specialists, together with datacentre technicians, respond to the situation, clarifying and resolving the issue.

Every day, all company’s information is backed up for safety reasons. Such a continuous, simultaneous process is performed on both independent data centres.

Bitrix24 and Amazon Web Services are able to meet precise requirements for personal data stored in various parts of the world, including the recently enacted GDPR regulations for European Union consumers.

Awards and world recognition

• PC Magazine included the company in the Top CRM world in 2019.

• Platform SoftwareSuggest has included the service in the list of the best free CRM.

• In 2020, Techradar included Bitrix24 in the Top 5 Small Business Applications.

Who are our customers?

Bitrix24 has customers in 225 countries and territories. There are more than 7,000,000 companies around the globe that are already working with us. The company's products are already used by federal retail chains, banks, insurance and manufacturing companies, government organizations, and businesses of all sizes.

Check for their testimonials on this page

Free. Unlimited. Online.
Bitrix24 is a place where everyone can communicate, collaborate on tasks and projects, manage clients and do much more.
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