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Feed is Updated! (New Like-Emoji is Added)

Feed is Updated! (New Like-Emoji is Added)
Bitrix24 Team
March 4, 2021
Last updated: March 5, 2021
Dear Bitrix24 users,

As you may remember, we recently added a function of pinning important posts. You can find more details in this article. In short, if you pin the post, it will stay on top of your news feed, until you un-pin it. However, if you have several posts pinned, they start to form some kind of a jam on top of your feed page. Now the problem is successfully solved by changes in the design. 

And there is a new emoji-reaction added to the bar of kudos or likes!

Here is the article, where you can find more details about these updates.

Best wishes,
Your Bitrix24 team.
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