Meet your new Bitrix24, now with web phone calls, CRM activity stream and 1 TB of disk space (Year 2013)

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Bitrix24 Team
December 9, 2013
Last updated: July 4, 2019
Meet your new Bitrix24, now with web phone calls, CRM activity stream and 1 TB of disk space (Year 2013)
Bitrix24 is proud to announce the Bitrix24 Xmas release.

It comes with the following new features:

  1. Web Phone Calls via VoxImplant

    Integration with Zingaya’s VoxImplant.Com allows you to make web phone calls directly from Bitrix24 at prices that are lower than Skype's. You can also record phone calls that you make from the Bitrix24 CRM. 

  2. Activity Stream in CRM

    You can now easily add notes to any CRM record, view all recent CRM activities, add comments, and upload files from a single entry point.

  3. CRM Reports

    New CRM Reports (Leads, Activities, and Invoices) let you see how well each member of your sales team is performing, where your leads are coming from, and where your high-margin ‘sweet spots’ are. 

  4. Bitrix24.Drive 3.0

    Bitrix24.Drive now works with Group files, in addition to Personal files. Company files will be added shortly, letting you replace your file server with Bitrix24. 

  5. New Project Management Options

    The new Task counter and Employee Workload Planning in Project Management let you finish more tasks on time and identify which ones are getting dangerously close to being overdue. Supervisors can now allocate how much time should be spent on each task and then track actual time spent completing them.

  6. New Administrator Options

    Bitrix24 admin can now turn off unwanted features for all users (CRM, Extranet, Time Tracking, Meetings, Lists), making your Bitrix24 account navigation less confusing and providing access only to the tools your company actually uses.

  7. New Marketplace Apps

    You can now use MailChimp with Bitrix24 CRM and migrate to Bitrix24 from Yammer and Basecamp.

  8. New Mobile App with Data Caching

    The Bitrix24 mobile app now works when no internet connection is available or the connection is too slow. The app will automatically synchronize data when a reliable connection is established.

  9. Company Pulse suggestion tips

    Bitrix24 account administrators can now send out pre-made messages to all or selected users that clarify how each of Bitrix24 tools work, increasing employee adoption rates and engagement.
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