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How To Set Access Permissions For Bitrix24 Telephony
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Bitrix24 Team
October 18, 2016
Last updated: April 5, 2023
How To Set Access Permissions For Bitrix24 Telephony
You can now configure Access Permissions for Bitrix24 Telephony. This option is available for Bitrix24 Standard or Professional plan subscribers. Access Permissions are available for Bitrix24 users with administrative privileges.


Access permissions are based on roles. You can create various roles – e.g. administrator, manager, etc. Each role can be connected with individual users, particular department & its employees, portal administrators, etc. Bitrix24 administrators can configure individual access permissions for each role.


Access can be granted for the following sections of Telephony:

1. Call statistics
2. Call recordings
3. User settings

You can set access permissions for these sections as – any, personal, personal & department or set access as denied.

E.g. if you set “sales manager” role with access to call recording as “personal & department” – it means that all users of the sales department will have access to own call recording & other recordings made by other sales department users.

Another example, if you set access role of “sales manager” to user statistics as “personal”, it means each sales manager will be able to access only own (personal) statistics.

4. Outbound calls: configure users who will execute outbound calls – any, only CRM clients, CRM clients & company employees or set access as denied.
5. Telephony settings
6. Manage numbers

The last 2 options (5-6) have 2 types of access “any” or “access denied” – usually these settings are available for account administrators only, but now we’ve made these settings more flexible. For example, if you have a user who is not Bitrix24 administrator but need to have access to Telephony settings – this can now be configured with these options.

Please note that if you need to configure Bitrix24 users access to CRM records you need to go to CRM > Settings > Permissions > Access Permissions.

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