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Workflows In Bitrix24 – Run Your Business In One Click (Year 2015)
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Bitrix24 Team
May 26, 2015
Last updated: July 10, 2019
Workflows In Bitrix24 – Run Your Business In One Click (Year 2015)
Implementing business processes in your own company can be a challenging experience, we have tried to provide you with a “ready to go” solution – 5 preset workflow templates:


 Here are several types of actions that can be automated with the help of new Bitrix24 workflows:

  • Leave Approval – request a leave quickly with no paper needed. Requests are first approved by the department head(s) and then sent for processing by an HR manager. All you need to do is fill in the fields with the relevant information for your leave and notification will be sent when the leave is approved or denied.
  • Business Trip – get a business trip approved and processed completely with this workflow. The approval process goes up the company hierarchy and then accounting processes the documentation. You will receive notifications as the approval moves forward.
  • General requests – send any type of request to the employee that you indicate.
  • Purchase requests – create a purchase request and send it for approval. Include information and documentation concerning the purchase.
  • Expense report – submit an expense report for approval via the company structure.
For example:

You are planning a vacation and need it to be approved fast – no need to run after your colleagues involved anymore, you just launch the leave request right from your Bitrix24:


 The employee involved in process approval will receive your leave approval request immediately:


 After all employees involved in the process approved the request – it is sent to the final responsible user to finish the approval:


Bitrix24 administrators
will also be able to create new custom workflows with the help of “create new workflow” option; configure which workflows will be shown in the Activity Stream and set access permissions for Bitrix24 employees inside workflows “Settings”:


 In Workspace>Workflows users will find those assignments which require their reaction. The counter next to the Workflows section will advise if there is an amount of processes addresses to you:


 In My Requests section you can always find all processes you’ve launched – you can always refer here to see which processes are currently in action, have been finished or whom has the process been stuck at:


 If you are going to a business trip or vacation, you can assign your current workflows to another user.

Please note that these Workflows are not connected with the Business Processes available in the CRM, Company Drive & Lists. Workflows are new type of processes, approvals (disapprovals) and statuses of these processes will be displayed in your Bitrix24 Activity Stream.

No worry if you are out of the office – workflows work in your Bitrix24 mobile app too:


 Workflows are available in all plans, including the free one.

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