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Bitrix24 Creates A Seamless Flow Of Work For iServe Africa

Bitrix24 Creates A Seamless Flow Of Work For iServe Africa
Bitrix24 Team
September 6, 2016
Last updated: April 5, 2023

iServe Africa is an International NGO that aims at raising a generation of servant leaders through training, mentoring, and equipping emerging leaders for holistic transformation in Africa and beyond. iServe Africa has been operating since 2007 and during this period they have provided successful training and mentorship of over 150 young people, developed good relationships with stakeholders and progressed towards fulfilment of their commitments.

How Bitrix24 Helps

Harrison Mungai, the Executive Director of iServe Africa, says: “Bitrix24 is a great collaboration tool. Every day, staff post their to-do list on the activity stream and this helps in creating accountability. I see what my staff are up to on any single day. We also create tasks and events for the notice of everybody. The drive has been useful as a vault for documents that everybody needs access to, even when off-site. However, drive and activity stream are not the only Bitrix4 tools used by organization. Calendars, document management, HRMS and tasks are essential parts of organization processes. There is certainly more team cohesion, faster access to documents and seamless flow of work with Bitrix24. Since we are a small nonprofit, we could not afford a custom-built intranet and then we heard of Bitrix. It was just what we needed and we have never looked back.”

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