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Bitrix24 Team
October 19, 2020
Last updated: October 15, 2020

Dear Bitrix24 users,

There are desktop application suitable for Mac and Windows software systems and mobile version available in App Store and Google Play.

Desktop application allows you to work with Bitrix24 with convenience and confidence due to optimisation of the design. Videoconferences, project management and the rest of features only get better with a desktop extension.

Mobile application adds to your experience fluency and speed of reaction. Have Bitrix24 in your hand every time, when you need it. Mobile application is an exceptional tool for team productivity. You can communicate in the application, collaborate in video, call and chat formats, set tasks and work on projects and much more. Even CRM is available from Bitrix24 app.

If you’ve already registered in Bitrix24 and got at least one account, you can download and use our applications for better access. How to get access to desktop application see here. Read about mobile application on this page.

Work effectively with comfort.

Kind regards,

Your Bitrix24 team

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