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Connect Telegram to Your Bitrix24.Store

Connect Telegram to Your Bitrix24.Store
Bitrix24 Team
April 25, 2022
Last updated: April 25, 2022
Dear Bitrix24 users,

As you were probably aware, Bitrix24.Store allows you to sell your products and services effectively across various communication channels. Today we added one more channel to existing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp - Telegram.

Telegram is one of the fastest growing messaging platforms today, gaining popularity worldwide. Now you can integrate this channel to your dashboard in Bitrix24. Sell and communicate with your clients where it's convenient for them, but stay true to your interests! Source all your communications, orders and leads to the CRM system. 

Here is the guide on how to connect Telegram application to the Online Shop. In addition, you can see how our shop bot works in the article.

Keep all your lines open with Bitrix24.

Best wishes,
Your Bitrix24 team.
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